Another Two Sales for last week – $30,000 & $9,888 Dot Coms

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Another Two Sales for this week - $50,000 & $19,000 Dot Coms
Will Frank Schillings Name Administration score big again with

Mike Mann’s Domain Market has continued February with another two sales announced on the 9th for for $30,000 & for $9,888.

Currently, the whois hasn’t been updated to reflect the new owners is still with Domain Market, however, appears to have been closed via Afternic and is now with there Escrow Transfer system.

So who could have purchased these domain names? Doing a quick Google search you can see that PolarityTE announced in December 2017, that they have launched a product named SkinTE, below is an exert from the press release.

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PolarityTE, Inc. (NASDAQ:COOL) announced that human use of SkinTE™ is underway, and the product is now on patients, at multiple centers, within a variety of wound types and indications including acute and chronic wounds, burn wounds, surgical reconstructions and scar revisions. In addition, several patients with healed skin grafts, the gold standard treatment, have undergone removal of those grafts and replacement with SkinTE. Multiple medical centers have scheduled additional procedures through the end of 2017, and the Company expects an increasing number of applications during the first half of 2018 to meet market demand for the product. As clinical application grows, results and outcomes from the first group of treated patients are expected to be published throughout the first half 2018, addressing the many different patient populations treated.

“Application of SkinTE across this wide spectrum of cutaneous defects demonstrates the broad utility of this novel product beyond burn care, and we look forward to the results for all of the amazing patients being treated with SkinTE,” said Dr. Denver Lough, Chief Executive Officer of PolarityTE. “We are confident and believe that SkinTE will replicate its preclinical success and help patients regenerate their own full-thickness, hair-bearing skin. We did not set out to bring another iteration to the field of regenerative medicine—we set out to change it entirely. Welcome to the Shift™.”

Doing another quick Google search for possible owners there is a business based in Australia named Treeti who operate on, maybe they have chosen to upgrade their domain name?


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Another Two Sales for this week - $50,000 & $19,000 Dot Coms
Will Frank Schillings Name Administration score big again with

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