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I hand register a number of domains every month and have been using Namesilo this year as they are offering Dot Com registrations with Free Privacy Whois for only $6.99 – Super low price…

I picked up yesterday FreeSmogTesting.com after watching a report on Smog Check Testing which is a mandatory requirement in California, I thought who is offering for Free and where can I find it online?

So I quickly throw up the website earlier today – FreeSmogTesting.com and will build onto it, I plan to add it into my lead gen portfolio of websites and sell the leads to local smog testing centres, with 40 Million residents in California there are 22,605,810 registered licensed vehicle holders that require their vehicles to be Smog Check tested every two years if it falls within the DMV rental notice, there are some exemptions and but most need this carried out so spending $6.99 on the domain and probably 2 – 4 hours monthly on the website to build traffic and make it a goto resource hopefully will return some nice leads which I plan to sell to Smog Check centres with the caveat they must offer the Smog Check Test FREE.

Now why would anyone want to pay me for a lead then offer their workmanship FREE might seem crazy right? However if I bring you a customer that needs to get work carried out on their vehicle for the next 40 years if they decide to reside within the same county of California would a small referral fee and a Free Smog Check test make sense to you? Well that’s going to be my pitch to potential auto shop and Smog Check Test owners.

Now for me the risk is tiny and I do this several times over every month finding Niche domains and building them out to earn revenue via Amazon, Adsense & Lead Generation. I do a lot of research most months and I thought why not offer some of this to you my readers for FREE too…

So what available domains – Do you want to see? Is it Token / Blockchain related or Do you want a list of available keywords like Hotels, Doctors, Cars, Loans, Finance etc?

Let me know and I will start to list Available Dot Com Domains that you can hand register if you choose too.

Mike Mann's kicks off February with 25K sale of LesDeux.com
Facebook Bans All Crypto Ads - Will the effect you?

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