Completed my first sale on is a domain marketplace based in China with more than 280,000 customers and over 1.6 million domains for sale on their domain selling platform, I listed one of my domains there about a year ago, It was a domain I picked up from sedo for £45, It was my first investment in domains, I liked the domain as it was a repeating number domain i.e and registered in the year 2000 (This wasnt the domain I sold, I have kept it discreet for the sake of the buyer)

I had previously received two really lowball offers over the past 12 months since I bought the domain via and I thought maybe this isn’t one that has any interest or meaning in the Chinese domain market, The domain was getting 15 – 25 UV per day but the traffic was not converting via ppc however on Thursday I got another offer for the domain which was improved this time, I countered and we went back and forth for 24 hours until I got to a figure I was happy accepting.

As I had never closed a sale on before I wasnt sure how long it would take and expected three to five working days but to my surprise, The seller paid within 30 minutes of myself accepting his offer, I then requested and sent the domain authorisation codes to and on Saturday morning the sale was completed, My domain with already the new user and transfered my funds into my own account that day, I couldn’t believe how fast the sale had been closed.

This was the first time I had sold a domain via and it went extremely well, I would highly recommend using their service if you have domains to sell, The marketplace is in my eyes designed more for domainers with numeric domains to sell but there are other domains listed there also.

I still sell domains via and but is now a domain platform I can officially recommend after completing a sale with them.

Has anyone else ever sold a domain with them?

I love domaining and support the domain industry