Daily Poll: Is .NET Dead?

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I have never been a huge owner of .NET domain names, I rarely hear anyone talking about .NET domains anymore on forums or see much on Domaining.com, So I want to know is .NET Dead?

Has GTLD’s killed off .NET, for me it was always an alternative to Dot Com and then the local CCTLD and if that wasn’t available I would buy the .Net domain instead but I am wondering if people are doing this now? In 2014 there were 15.2 Million registered Dot Net domains but this has dropped as shown below.

The aftermarket has never been super strong on .Net sales but there have been some large sales in the past but I just don’t hear about as many these days, Don’t get me wrong I am not saying GTLD’s are better, I only own one, my portfolio is Dot Com and CCTLD but how are you finding sales/enquiries on .Net Domains?

This chart which is available on NameBio.com show 10 years sales data as a Graph, there has been a real slow down in reported Net Sales with very few breaking into 10K region.

If we look back at the report of Q3 issued in December 2017 blog post you can see that Dot Net is the 5th most popular extension in terms of registrations with no GTLD’s in the top 10, .TK skews the numbers as this is a free to anyone CCTLD that never drops any registered domains and instead, redirect the traffic to advertiser from the previous registrants’ traffic, so really it is Number 4 out of the thousands of TLDs, CCTLDs, GTLDs.

So here is the poll below with a simple Yes / No answer – Is Dot Net Dead?, please complete if you have two mins and we always love to read comments on RegisterADot.com so don’t forget to share your thoughts with the industry.

Daily Poll: Which Dropcatch services do you use?
Daily Poll Results: When Did You Last Sell Any GTLD’s?

2 thoughts on “Daily Poll: Is .NET Dead?

  1. Not dead but very slow if we compare with .com which will always remain on top. I avoid buying .net domains regularly unless a great names comes in my way like I have PINK and Steps. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to invest in .net straightaway coming into domaining and with limited budget. First focus should be to invest wisely in .com domains and later with your little chunk of profit, buy few .net and see how it works for you…

    1. Yeah, I agree newbies should always invest dot com domains first, learn the market and then invest in other proven extensions.

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