Dynadot.com – Promo Code for Transfers

Dynadot.com – Promo Code for Transfers

I reached out to my Dynadot Account Rep for a special promo code to thank the readers of RobbiesBlog.com – I shall receive no financial gain from Dynadot.com there is no affiliate links used and Dynadot.com arent a sponsor of RobbiesBlog.com.

I hope to offer more Domainer special codes and discount deals soon through other companies within the industry.

Dynadot.com has agreed to run until the end of the month a special RobbiesBlog.com Promo code which shall give anyone the opportunity to transfer there .COM domain names over to Dynadot.com for $8.25 – The usual domain transfer fee is $9.99 for a .com domain transfer.

Use Promo Code – ROBBIESBLOG

Transfer your .COM domain today for $8.25 – Expires 10/31/12 23:59 PDT

A big thank you for Jacqueline Daly for setting this up and I hope you can save some cash by moving your .Com domains over Dynadot.com

Visit Dynadot.com Today and Transfer your domains to them.

Thanks for reading RobbiesBlog.com, I appreciate you all taking the time to visit and view my posts.

I love domaining and support the domain industry