Should I Change My Exact Match Domain?

Should I Change My Exact Match Domain?

I recently read an interesting post on about a debate that is currently ongoing re EMD – Exact Match Domains over on the Google Webmaster Forum, Webmaster Help.

Here is the fun thread at Google Webmaster Help where a site owner is asking why should he change his exact match domain to something else when the exact match domain is the official name of his business.

Remember, Google launched an exact match domain algorithm in September of this year to target domains with low value trying to rank solely on the domain name.

The site owner asked:

I have an EMD and have been clearly penalized for that. I am now getting feedback from my webmaster that I should change it, as it is the quickest and cheapest way to get my business back on track.Our EMD as a registered business and it is Trademarked.

In which, an SEO named Stevie responded, where Google’s John Mueller vouched for by marking it a “best answer.”

Bottom line, a legit business that happens to have an EMD is not going to be penalized or loose the value of their domain matching the query….. so back up your claim. Let us examine it. And if you are correct then one of the TCs will escalate the findings for Google to evaluate and potentially modify their algorithm.

Google won’t let official and legit EMDs take a hit. Or would they?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

How are domainers currently feeling about their EMD Domains names?

Have you seen any bounce back yet in your Exact Match Domains since the Google algorithm change?

Has Google Panda and Google Penguin killed your online business?

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