Making your own landing page instead of parking means more money

Today: How to sell a domain to the trademark owner / Do startups prefer the .io to .com? / The domain market tumbled / and more! Here are the new domain discussions and domain news. – What kind of appraisal value would you put on Introduction + Journey Part I – Now that’s how you […]

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Marchex’s CEO Discusses Q1 2014 Results – $1.9m in domain sales

Marchex CEO discusses Q1 earnings for 2014 and its an interest read, most within the domain industry know all about Marchex the company that bought Yun Ye’s portfolio in 2005 for $164 million dollars, 200,000 domain names were acquired and several have been sold since however Marchex choose to spin the domain portfolio into a […]

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The founder of the company who paid Ireland’s highest recorded price for a domain name for $675,000 (€500,000) made the statement below  “The only reason you should take investment is if you want to be the first to market. Unless you are going to be the next Amazon, don’t take investment.”   Now this isn’t directly […]

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