Two names I sold for 15k were dropped

Two names I sold for 15k were dropped, if my memory serves me right in late 08 / early 09 I had registered these domains, they were names I had hand registered and then went onto sell them within a few months of purchasing them.

I sold them to a well known domain investor and I was extremely pleased naturally having turned $15 dollars into $15,000.

The domains were &, I was checking up on some names I had sold previously and seen the above two domains are now owned by, it appears they were dropped and picked them up on 21st of February 2012.

It amazes me that the previous owner let them drop, even if he had decided they weren’t for him no more surely the $15 per year would worth paying and trying to flip them even for less than his $15k original purchase price.

What I want to know is what are they worth to you and what would you have done, keep or drop the domains?

Happy Sunday everyone, I might be slow on comment replies today as I’m out today to see a Scottish comedian called Kevin Bridges, if you like comedy check out his website tonight is one of several sold out gigs of his 57 night UK tour and his home gig is Glasgow, So I’m looking forward to a night out and seeing some good comedy.

Kevin doesn’t own the domain the owner of that domain had it registered a long time before Kevin made it but he does have his local cctld

I love domaining and support the domain industry