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I know it has been a longtime since I wrote a blog post and I certainly wish I had the time to write more… I haven’t went anywhere readers and thank you for all the emails and messages asking me if I am ok? etc.

As many of you know I launched ScreenProtectors.co.uk last year and that business is still growing nicely then at the start of this year my wife launched MrsAccessories.com and that site has developed a strong customer base and continues to grow every month.

On the back of the success from these two ecom ventures we have decided to launch Forgive You Apparel on ForgiveYou.comforgiveyou2

We only opened last week online and already have been receiving orders and I am confident it shall develop into another excellent revenue stream for us, I haven’t stopped domaining and I actually have sold a few names in the past couple of weeks which has helped fund Forgive You Apparel.

I still haven’t gotten into the GTLD’s or .UK market but from sitting in the sidelines it has been very interesting to watch the debates on the various blogs which I am reading in between business meetings.

I would love to blog more but I am struggling to find the time, I am actually looking for guest writers or a permanent domain industry blogger that would be interested in working to bring back the daily content to RobbiesBlog.com – I would only accept someone who is passionate about the industry so don’t worry I wont be letting anyone just write a guest post.

Should you be interested in writing for RobbiesBlog.com then please contact me.

Thank you all for your continued support and if you could Like my Facebook Page for ForgiveYouApparel I would greatly appreciate it.


Also if anyone is interested in selling our T-Shirts we are looking for Distributors and can offer WORLD WIDE Drop Shipping or Wholesale pricing. Just email me robbie@forgiveyou.com

I hope RobbiesBlog.com shall be back soon with more posts but for the meantime you know where to reach me.

Can you make money developing your domains & dropshipping?
Tell us your most recent Hand Registered Domains.

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