Writers / Guest Posts

Writers / Guest Posts

Well RobbiesBlog.com has now been live for a few months and I am enjoying every minute of it,  I have more domain industry interviews coming up over the coming weeks, A few readers have suggested I cut back on the amount of Interview posts and I have taken that on board.

We are 130 posts in now and over 20 domain industry interviews – I hope you are enjoying them and the other stories from the blog.

I will still try to bring you daily domain news that I hear about or read online and I hope you find it useful, I am also trying to help others by offering to set up a blog for you free via WordPress and Hostgator if anyone is interested follow the links on Robbiesblog.com for more details it is 100% free, It doesn’t cost you a cent.

I shall also try to help the domaining community with posts about how to best monetize your domain names, It could be parking, developing or about affiliate links etc and I am working on a few post for these topics.

What I am wanting to do is offer a Guest Posts spot on RobbiesBlog.com to companies from within the industry to talk about their products and services and what they can do to help domainers aswell as that I am wanting to offer writer spots to anyone that is wanting to cover the industry news but doesn’t want to have the commitment to write a blog full-time, you might only want to write once a week, once a month or once a year – I am happy to offer you RobbiesBlog.com to share your story and thoughts on the domain news.

Both are Free Services, I do not want any form of cash payment but affiliate links might be used for certain product / services promotions, If you are interested in writing articles for RobbiesBlog.com then hit me up on my email – robbie ‘at’ ferguson.in

I am not guaranteeing anyone a job or that I will post your articles – We must discuss this in more detail via email.

Thanks for taking the time to visit RobbiesBlog.com and don’t forget to sign up for my Newsletter also!

I love domaining and support the domain industry