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ICE Return Domains and Drops Case now using Afternic Domain Listing Service Top Selling Categories – An article posted on  the Afternic Blog covers off the top selling categories of domains via the domain sales platform.

Domain SalesAfternic state in the blog post that

“Pricing a domain is crucial to acquiring serious buyers because many people will look over a domain that is not priced, not wanting to hassle to get an initial price. Pricing helps buyers determine whether the domain is worth the asking price, before entering into any negotiating.

Categorizing helps your domains visibility tremendously as well. Listing your domains on the world’s largest domain marketplace is a great way to spread the word that a domain is for sale, but by categorizing your domain, you increase visibility once again. Domains that are not categorized have no chance of showing up when a user performs a category specific search. The more places your domain can be found in search results, the better chances you will have to sell the domain.

Interestingly enough, the top five categories this month recreation, business, shopping, computer, and society have been the top five for the past two months we’ve been posting them. This indicates great strength in the visibility of those particular categories, especially with recreation this month” close over $1 million in sales most weeks so being on there platform is something that is going to help sell more of your domains.


ICE Return Domains and Drops Case now using Afternic Domain Listing Service

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